@fa-rocket@ StarLife

The aim of StarLife is to be more than a 4X game and represent the kind of game we've wanted to play since we were kids.

Instead of war, our focus will be on maintaining an empire. We will be using events and services to balance an economy and keep the population busy instead of endless micro-management and building queues.

Our main focus is on Artificial Intelligence. The AI isn't necessarily set out to win the game or kill you. Its' main purpose is to survive and respond to threats accordingly.

More about StarLife here: http://starlife.purpleorangegames.com/


@fa-space-shuttle@ StarField

StarField is more board game like compared to StarLife. It promises to be faster paced than StarLife with simpler game play mechanics and a more streamlined and compact experience. This will let the player focus on more meaningful actions from a macro-management point of view.

More about it here: http://winterwolfgamedesign.com/portfolio/starfield/


@fa-bus@ Open Source Projects

Aside from our main games, we have several other small projects we're working on.

We want these to be open source as a way to contribute to the gaming community and will post up-to-date information on them as time progresses.
Some of them are described here:

PurpleOrangeTV - This game is based on an old DOS/Amiga game called MadTv. We want to randomize as much of the whole experience as possible while still making it a base for others to create their own games. We plan on releasing it on a MIT license.

PurpleOrangeOverlay - This is a Qt application that stays on top of another given application or game. By using recognition methods such as pixel checking or image matching to identify which screen is being shown, an image/text/tooltip can be placed on top of the host application/game.
With this we can translate texts, change images, and display help without having to hack any files. We want it to be it as simple as possible so it may then be used by anyone!

More to come later.


Check out our forum

There isn't much to talk about just yet, but feel free to post or talk about anything.

We are organizing a page at trello where you will be able to watch and vote on what we are doing and where we are going.

You can send us emails at:
[email protected]